First you need One-1/2 packages of cream cheese
Then you need One small can crushed pineapple "must be drained"
You need also to taste TWO tablespoon of powdered sugar .
Then TWO tablespoon of green onion
You need also 2 tablespoon of chopped ham (i prefere deli meat ham)
You need also ONE cup worth of chopped pecans.

How to Make It
I received this recipe from a friend at work. Love this recipe because it is delicious and works up in a few minutes. Just the right touch of sweet to prepare this recipe you need to use a bowl and mix all the ingredients . Then after all that work you need now to mash into a ball , next you need to chill
Second step : Now in this second step make sure to roll in crushed pecans . Finally step is to refrigerate till you whant to serve . you can serve with crackers because its so delecious yuumyy ...Enjoye !!!